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Welcome to the world of interiors ‘Made in Austria’

A virtual space with an emphasis on design!

Sit back and enjoy first-class materials, exquisite design and the pure joy of craftsmanship. ‘Austrian Style’ is inspired by nature, modern with a dash of tradition and many beautiful details.

Our furnishings stay with us for many years of our lives, and that is why we should choose them carefully and arrange and plan them on an individual basis. This goes for their shape, colour and design. And that is what we want to achieve through our website. Refurnish your home with a simple mouse-click straight from your tablet, smartphone or PC. Enter the virtual world of lifestyle design and discover Austria’s huge variety of furniture in ‘Brands and products’, ‘Newsroom’ and ‘Inspiration made in Austria’.

Made in Austria

The Austrian Furniture Industry at a glance

The Austrian Furniture Industry is a professional group within the Association of the Austrian Wood Industries and therefore part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ). In total, this umbrell…

Raw and Delicate

Austrian furniture stands for a tie to nature and modernity with a touch of tradition. The concept “Raw and Delicate” is the expression of this quality. The idea originated from the London-based Austr…

Craftsmanship and high tech

Domestic manufacturers and producers combine skilled craftsmanship with innovative technology and a modern lifestyle. Precision and care are values that are highly prized in this country. …

Our strengths

‘Made in Austria’ has become a mark of quality. It stands for exquisite shapes, ecological responsibility, products that promote a healthy living environment, refined craftsmanship and functionality. …