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ALPES box-spring bed


Brand: sembella

Type: Box-spring bed
Dimensions: Widths from 140 to 200 cm, headboard panel height 125 or 135 cm
Material: Pocket-spring core, BULTEX®, GELTEX® inside

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ALPES is a design statement with a functional extra: the headboard features a variable panel that can be moved into the desired position using a handle.

1. The topper made from BULTEX®, BULTEX® active care or GELTEX® inside increases comfort and protects the mattress.
2. Comfortable seven-zone mattress with pocket-spring core, BULTEX® foam or in combination with long-lasting anti-bacterial active care technology depending on the model.
3. Box-spring understructure with seven-zone pocket-spring core and padded foam – non-adjustable, with motor function or under bed storage.

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