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Umdasch Shopfitting Group: As digital pioneers with a heritage of craftmanship and a personal approach, we make successful stores – and that since 1868. Our Store Makers of Umdasch realize outstanding projects for outstanding customers in the fields of Lifestyle Retail, Food Retail and Premium Retail. Digital Retail solutions inclusive.
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Lifestyle Retail
From the flagship store via shoes and fashion to the automotive sector, from food & beverage to the branch of a bank; from consumer electronics to an individual pop-up concept: We make successful stores in the field of Lifestyle Retail.

Food Retail
Our first-class understanding of the market and our allembracing focus on the needs of our customers make us trusted partners in the food retail sector.

Premium Retail
The Store Makers of Umdasch create exquisite craftsmanship in the field of Premium Retail, which is reflected in the stores of international brands – at airports, in luxurious shopping streets and on cruise liners.

Digital Retail
Our digital retail pioneers of Umdasch have a profound understanding about the combination of analogue and digital shop fitting components.

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