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sedda Polstermöbelwerke

AMADEO © sedda
AURORA © sedda
CUBUS © sedda
DIVA © sedda
SANDRO © sedda
KING © sedda

Sedda is Latin for sedere (“sitting”), and since we are always striving to live up to our name, seat culture is of capital importance to us. We are constantly perfecting our furniture to make the individual dream of living come true and create innovative upholstery furniture of the highest quality and contemporary design.

Our tailor-made unique pieces are produced by master craftsmen, strictly adhering to ecological standards, as well as the principles of the Austrian quality seal. Recyclable materials, low-pollutant and solvent-free bonded foams meet all requirements for sustainable production conditions. An uncompromising workmanship, high-quality solid wood and carefully selected fabric and leather collections guarantee long-lasting pleasure in your upholstery furniture.

As a pioneer in multifunctionality, we offer exceptional features, which we are also continually developing. You can turn your sofa into a fullsize bed, including a mattress protector and bed sheet, within seconds - thanks to sophisticated mechanics and technology. At the push of a button, the sitting and lying surface can be enlarged or even heated with our patented infrared deep-freezing system. With the intelligent Powerstation, you can charge your smartphone or your notebook always at your favorite place. Day by day, we are working on innovative solutions to perfect seating comfort and functionality. Carefully selected materials and patented functions are crafted into something wonderful: your new favorite place.

Quality, design and innovation 100% made in Austria - with a set from sedda you always make the right choice.