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Optimo Schlafsysteme GmbH

Neue Bildüberschrift: “Just sleep by Optimo”
Callea Boxspring Inside System Querschnitt © Optimo
Callea © Optimo
Cremosa © Optimo
Cremosa M 500 © Optimo
Cremosa_M 700 © Optimo
Cremosa TF 700 © Optimo
EMC 65 © Optimo
Viscotherm © Optimo

A healthy sleep and sustainable regeneration in an ergonomically optimized position help to take on the challenges of everyday life! Optimo’s customers benefit from more than 60 years of experience, innovation and the implementation of the latest ergonomic findings. Sleeping systems by Optimo provide the perfect combination of ergonomics, technology and design, which lead to an absolutely new sleeping experience and the wide range ensures that every requirement in comfort can be met. Because we know, what our customers want after a long day: just sleep!

Optimo Schlafsysteme GmbH, located in Braunau / Upper Austria, is one of the leading manufacturers of complete sleeping systems including mattresses and bed frames and produces all bed frames in Austria exclusively. In addition to mattresses and slatted bed frames the portfolio also includes cushions. Optimo’s general policy is innovation and internationality. The latest findings from ergonomics and sleep research are incorporated into product development.

Owing success to half a century of experience and knowledge of healthy sleep Optimo is one of the leading Austrian manufacturers of innovative sleeping systems.

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